Heater Options

Vega BC60

6.0 kW Electric


A modern and easy-to-use heater. The stainless steel outer shell is durable and creates a modern look for your sauna.  The heater can be mounted low on the sauna wall, ensuring that the lower benches also get plenty of steam.

Room volume
5m³ - 8m³

Cilindro PC90

9.0 kW Electric


The Harvia Cilindro electric heater contains a massive amount of stones. Thanks to the grate-like outer shell, each bather can adjust the nature of the steam: soft when throwing water onto the side of the heater and sharp when throwing water straight on top of the stone pillar. Cilindro is impressive to both look at and experience.

Room volume
8m³ - 14m³

M3 Black

16.5 kW Wood Burning


The Harvia M3 wood burning heater has a classic design and is suitable for small saunas. It turns a sauna bath into a pleasurable experience and adds a touch of traditional sauna atmosphere. The even heat and efficient air circulation guarantee an enjoyable bath.

Room volume
6m³ - 13m³








Exterior Timber Colours

Each Woodpecker sauna is crafted from the finest straight-grain spruce timber.  Please note that these colours are woodstains and variations can occur due to the natural properties of the wood.
Available colours: Natural Spruce, Woodland Red or Modern Anthracite.

Katepal Roof Felt

Bitumen Felt Roof Shingles by Katepal bring a superior quality material that is built to last.  These versatile roof tiles come in a variety of colours to complement your design style.
Available colours: Black, Copper Brown, Red or Green.

Panoramic Glass Rear Wall

The panoramic glass rear wall is an innovative and luxurious optional extra that can enhance the sauna experience like never before. Designed to provide an unobstructed view of the surrounding environment, it creates a unique and immersive atmosphere.

Constructed from 8mm bronzed, toughened safety glass, the concept behind the panoramic glass rear wall is to merge the beauty of the natural world with the relaxing and rejuvenating effects of sauna therapy. By integrating a large, floor-to-ceiling window at the rear of the sauna, users can enjoy views of the outdoors while indulging in the sauna's warmth and serenity.

Available as an option on:
Cube Sauna, Leaf Sauna, Lux Barrel Sauna & Terrace Sauna.